California King Salmon Press Release May 2021


Wild California King Salmon Season is Here

Despite a limited commercial season, prized California King salmon arriving soon.

Brent netting a california king salmonSACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 1, 2021) – The much-anticipated arrival of California King salmon is officially here, just in time for Mother’s Day. Right now, California’s dedicated salmon fishermen and women are making the best of a shorter-than-typical commercial season so they can provide salmon lovers with what many consider to be the best-tasting salmon in the world. The Chinook, or “King” salmon, arrives at the perfect time as warmer weather means outdoor entertaining and grilling for many.

“Although we are facing some challenges with weather and a shorter season, we remain committed to providing the best-quality salmon to consumers,” said fisherman and California Salmon Council Chairman Richard Ogg.

Due to conservation efforts, this season will have multiple breaks from now until August. Despite the shortened season, consumers will still be able to find this season’s catch at select grocery stores, fish markets, fine restaurants, farmers markets – and even direct from fisherman, right off the boat. Renowned for their firm texture, robust flavor and for containing higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other salmon varieties, California’s King salmon also provides consumers with a sustainable, responsible option.

“We want consumers to know that our world-renowned salmon is brought to them by people who pride themselves in the product and in the conservation of the ocean,” said Ogg. “We carry that responsibility with us every day,” he added.

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