Why California King Salmon

California has traditionally been the leading producer of troll caught king “Chinook” salmon along the Pacific Coast. Chinook salmon is called “king” because it is regarded as the most prized, as well the largest, of the five species of Pacific Salmon.

Individually line-caught King Chinook Salmon have a leaner, firmer texture and more robust flavor than other salmon. Grilled, baked, steamed, roasted or poached, California King salmon is fish at its best.

The fresh season is short – May through September – making salmon perfect for summertime meals. So, fire up the grill and barbeque the whole fish immediately, or use a portion now and freeze or smoke the remaining fish for later enjoyment.

When you purchase a whole California King Salmon from a commercial fishing boat or retailer, you can be assured that only the highest quality standards have been followed. Each salmon is cleaned at sea and held at an optimum temperature until the boat returns to short and the fish is sold.

Did you know – Typically, a 10-pound King Salmon can serve between 8 and 10 people.

Nutrition Information

King Salmon isn’t just delicious – it’s good for you! It’s high in Omega 3 oils, which can help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, and lower your risk of heart disease, with just one serving a week!

Salmon Recipes

Grilled, blackened, poached, broiled. Sushi, appetizers, salads, entrees. We’ve collected a number of mouth-watering salmon recipes you’ll come back to again and again.

Preparation Tips

Storing, thawing, and cooking King Salmon the right way is crucial to retaining that amazing color and fresh flavor. Wild-caught, fresh salmon cooks much faster than farm-raised fish.