California King Salmon Press Release May 2020


California King Salmon Press Release for May 2020

Commercial California King Salmon Season to Kick Off May 1 as Many Restaurants, Foodservice and Specialty Stores are Closed Due to Pandemic. Salmon fisherman exploring innovative new ways to sell and distribute prized salmon in these unprecedented times.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 1, 2020) – After what proved to be an improved 2019 season, California’s commercial salmon fishermen are just days away from the arrival of some of the world’s best-tasting salmon – the nutritious and superior California King salmon. However, due to current social distancing measures, business closures and stay-at-home orders, local fisherman are finding themselves forced to be creative in how they will distribute and market their daily catch.

“With a large majority of commercial salmon sales to restaurants, this will force our fleet of fishermen to come up with innovative new ways to off-load their daily catch,” said David Goldenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the California Salmon Council.

“So in the next few days, California King salmon lovers everywhere will still be able to enjoy some of the very best-tasting salmon there is, either through direct shipping, curb-side takeout at their favorite local restaurants or at supermarkets.”

This year’s salmon season comes at a welcome time, as many areas of the country are experiencing potential food shortages.

California is the leading state for providing wild King salmon, which are caught by dedicated fishermen on barbless hooks from May through September. Usually found at local grocery stores, fish markets and fine restaurants, these fresh, wild salmon are renowned for their firm texture and robust flavor – in addition to containing higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other salmon varieties. Caught locally off California’s coast, California’s King salmon also provide consumers with a sustainable, responsible option.

“Our hardworking fleet of fisherman have just set out into the Pacific to start the 2020 season, so we are anticipating our first returns sometime early next week,” said Goldenberg. “We will just have to work a little bit harder in coming up with ways to make sure salmon lovers everywhere, including the home chef, don’t miss out on their favorite wild-caught California King Salmon,” he added.

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