This summer, may all your lox be wild lox

This summer, may all your lox be wild lox

bear with king salmon

Photo credit: A black bear on Vancouver Island snags a wild salmon. Photo by Wikicommons

This summer, think wild.

An interesting article was recently written by the publication, Forward. It talks about farm-raised salmon and wild salmon habitats off the western coast of Vancouver Island. The article was prompted by the author’s experience on an Ocean Adventure tour boat experience while observing a black bear catching a snack for her cubs’ breakfast.

While the wild salmon preservation solution is still up for debate, the author ponders the opportunity to invest in protecting the wild stocks and oceans, streams, and rivers they depend on.

Our California Salmon Council executive director David Goldenderg quotes, “If it wasn’t sustainable, then there would be no fisheries.” David goes on to explain the work that the federal and state fishery managers put in place to protect wild salmon and their habitats as well as the way to help save wild salmon! David explains, “consuming it keeps the industry alive, keeps the fishermen alive. Also it is the best tasting, most nutritious salmon we have.”

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